Advanced Dental Practice Management Programme


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Increased competition and the current economic crisis have brought about an unfavorable business climate for dental practices, but also have had a positive effect on the wider social consciousness concerning dental hygiene and health issues, the development of dental insurance policies and new developments in the sector, among others.

In this complex environment it has become more and more necessary for dental practice managers and partners to be open and receptive to identifying new opportunities in the market, and to know how to carry out activities which capitalize on bringing value to the patient and the development of sustainable advantages in the face of competition.

Objectives and Targets

It is addressed to dental practices partners and managers who wish to improve their management skills and capabilities, and for all those who wish to grow their business with resource innovation and optimization.


Learning by doing approach: active participation, exercises and case discussion.

The methodology is soundly practical, working with case studies and in parallel developing a solid conceptual framework.

  • “The reality of the Star Smile Dental Clinic” case
  • “Motivating the team of Star Smile Dental Clinic” case
  • “Investing in Star Smile Dental Clinic“ case

In addition to the case method, which encourages participation and reflection by “learning by doing”, there will be the following types of activities in each session:

  • Testimonials that employ “best practices” in the development and execution of the topics touched on during the sessions.
  • Workshops developed using these best practices.
  • Seminar on Management skills.

Day 1 (8 hours) Competitive Strategies
Day 2 (8 hours) Marketing Strategies
Day 3 (8 hours) Managing the Dental Practice
Day 4 (8 hours) Financial Management
Day 5 (8 hours) Leadership & Human Resources Management
Day 6 (5 hours) Strategic & Operational Planning for the Dental Practice
Days 1, 3 and 5: after-class Guest Speaker dinner

Day 1

Day 1: “Competitive strategies”.

This session will help the participant to understand how to compete. Some of the topics covered are:
• Competitive environment analysis.
• Patient profiles.
• Buying process actors.
• Competitive strategies and their pros and cons.
• Types of dental office.

Day 2

Day 2: “Marketing strategies”.

In this sessions the marketing options, both strategic and operational, will be analyzed. Some of the topics covered are:
• The “dental product”.
• Service concept.
• Price and financial aspects of the service.
• Communication with patients and dental practice stakeholders.
• Dental practice positioning strategies.

Day 3

Day 3: “Managing the dental practice”.

In this session the participants will learn how to work out several aspects of the dental practices management.
Some of the topics covered are:
• How to present the treatment to the patient.
• How to manage and plan the appointment book.
• How to manage patient’s complains.
• Patients loyalty.
• Interaction between clinical and non-clinical units of the office.

Day 4

Day 4: “Financial management”.

This session will deal with the economics and financial aspects of the dental practice. Some of the topics covered are:
• Income statement, treasury management and balance sheet.
• Static and dynamic balance sheets analysis.
• Economic and financial ratios.
• Investment decisions and breakeven point.

Day 5

Day 5: “Leadership & human resources management”.

The motivation, capability and aptitude of the office team have a strong impact on patient perception and satisfaction. For this reason, people management is one of the most complex and, at the same time, relevant tasks of the dental practice leader. Some of the topics covered in this session are:
• Leadership styles.
• How to get the best out of the team.
• Negotiating salaries.
• Staff evaluations.
• Team management.
• Team motivation.
• Managing office conflicts.
• Roles, functions and profiles definitions.

Day 6

Day 6: “Strategic & operational planning of the dental practice”.

In this session the participants will learn (and practice) how to prepare long- and short-term plans which will help the dental practice to decide what to do in the coming years in order to growth and be profitable. Some of the topics covered are:
• External analysis.
• Internal analysis.
• Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats (SWOT) analysis.
• Vision & strategic objectives.
• Implications.
• Implementation planning & monitoring

Programme Director

Prof. Dr. Carlo Maria Gallucci Calabrese

Full Professor of Marketing at ESADE Business School-Ramon Llull University. Barcelona, Spain.


•PhD in Economics and Business Sciences, Pontificia Comillas University (ICADE-ICAI), Madrid, Spain.
•Master in Business Administration (MBA), ESADE, Barcelona, Spain.
•Bachelor degree in Economics and Commerce, Messina University, Italy.
•Executive Program in Management, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA.
•Strategic Marketing Management Program, Harvard Business School, Boston, USA.


Carlo’s areas of expertise are Marketing, Strategic Planning and Health Care Management.
He is member of the ESADE’s Executive Board and Management Council.
He is member of the board of the Foundation for Social and Business Development, Buenos Aires, Argentina, of the Xavier Foundation, Barcelona, and of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, among others.
He is the chairman of the Globalisation and Membership Committee and member of the Executive Board of CEMS, a strategic alliance of 27 international universities and more than 80 multinational companies.
Visiting Professor at several universities in America and Europe. Research projects, articles and conferences in many American and European countries.
Prior to his academic career, he held management-level positions in multinational companies.
He is a Marketing and Strategic Planning consultant for domestic and international companies.


Oriol Iglesias

Professor Iglesias owns a PhD in Management by ESADE Business School-Ramon Llull University, Barcelona.

He is Assistant Professor of Marketing at ESADE Business School and Academic Director of the ESADE Brand Institute. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the European Marketing Academy (EMAC); the Scientific Committee of the Brand, Identity and Corporate Reputation Special Interest Group of the Academy of Marketing (AM); and the Editorial Board of the Journal of Brand Management.

Oriol has led consulting projects and customised training programmes for many domestic and international companies.

Oriol has co-authored several books on marketing and branding. He has also published scientific papers on brand management, relationship marketing and customer experience management in internationally renowned academic journals

Amy Leaverton

Professor  Leaverton holds a Degree in Modern Languages and Psychology by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a Master of Science in Linguistics from the University of Chicago, and is currently a PhD candidate in Personality Psychology at Ramon Llull University.

She is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management of People and Organizations in ESADE Business School

She has focused on leadership development and executive coaching both as a professor and a consultant, and has specialised in emotional intelligence competency development, learning styles, psychometric testing, and their application to personal leadership development.

Joan Massons

Professor Massons owns a PhD in Management by ESADE Business School-Ramon Llull University, Barcelona.

He is Professor of Finance at ESADE Business and Law Schools.

Joan is a financial consultant and member of several boards of directors.

He was the Operations Planning Director of the Barcelona Olympic Games 1992

He has published six books on Financial Analysis and Strategy and one on his experience climbing on to the Mount Everest.

Joan has made 13 alpinist expeditions in Andes and Himalayas and was member of the first Catalan expedition to climb the Mount Everest (North Face, 1985).

Luis Tejerina Díaz

Luis owns a Bachelor Degree in Business and Economics by the Oviedo University and a Master in Business Administration (MBA) by ESADE Business School-Ramon Llull University, Barcelona.

Luis is the Director General of Plénido Quality Dental Group and guest professor at ESADE.

He was one of the founders of ConsultClinic SL, a consultancy company specialized in Health Care management and has a very deep knowledge of Dental Practice business and has published several articles on this topic.


Daniel RodrigoCoordinador de SEPA
Dr. Daniel Rodrigo
Eva CastroProgramme manager SEPA
Eva Castro

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Emilio Martinez


“Me permitió la actualización de nuestra metodología de trabajo y la incorporación de nuevas herramientas para la gestión diaria y a largo plazo de nuestra consulta dental.”

Borja Dehesa


“Valoro muy positivamente tanto la estructura, como la cantidad y la calidad de lo recibido. Me parece  un imprescindible.”

Miguel Beltran


“El curso me pareció interesante y provechoso en su conjunto;  bien estructurado y con profesorado profesional.”


“Los conocimientos adquiridos en el curso, además de provocar una mejora inmediata de la gestión de nuestra clínica, nos ha posicionado magníficamente, y los resultados obtenidos nos han permitido permanecer dentro de unos parámetros estables.”


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